The history of calories invention dates back to the 19th century when Nicolas Clément first outlined this term in his lectures on heat engines. He gave it a simple definition: a calorie is a unit of heat energy(1). Since then, the understanding of calories and their role in human life has changed. We have seen tremendous progress in examining this physical measurement in the context of nutrition.

Calories have become the starting point for the nutritional value of the food we consume. Counting them turned out to be an important element of a balanced and healthy diet, as well as…

Essential Component

The setting of a work of fiction is the component that establishes the story’s historical, geographical, and physical context.
According to Laurie Kirszner, a bestselling author and a practicing teacher of composition, literature, and creative writing, it may be defined 3 main functions of the setting:

· influencing characters’ feelings or behavior;
· developing a story’s central conflict ( e. g. between the protagonist and the setting);
· driving the story’s plot and also helping to define the characters.

Types of the settings:

1. Historical setting

Historical Setting is a particular historical period, and the events and customs associated with…

Time is going backward when you dive in the new Christopher Nolan’s premiere. Released in 2020 this espionage masterpiece is appealing to ancient times.

Andrei Sator blackmails the Protagonist

Spoiled Punchline

As all the moviegoers know, Nolan’s filmmaking style is not easy to repeat and even to clearly understand after the first look at the movie. Each shot amazes viewers with its precision and dynamism, playing with the fabric of time. The neat trick is that the director reinforces each of his works with a puzzle, a veiled context which is hidden both deep and on the surface of the film.

This time, the director has surpassed…

Taisiia Dobrozorova

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